Discoveries 2013

“Discovery by its very nature is empowering”

December:  Trees are almost bare.  We noticed the blackbirds and pigeons having an argument about who was going to eat the holly berries!  Blackbirds won.

November: Forgaging for nuts brought a great haul of sweet chestnuts.  

October:  Autumn berries are out in abundance.  Have you tasted rosehip cordial?  We have, it is delicious so had some more. Today, we collected conkers after we had watched a truck knock into the Horse Chestnut tree.

September:  Harvest time, this week we have harvested our pears… sweet and juicy and foraged some blackberries.  Have you seen any combine harvester’s in the fields or bales of hay?

August:  Here we go round the Mulberry bush… we have tasted mulberries.  Have you?  Our pears are growing how long before we harvest them?  Which vegetable families are ready for harvest?  Cucurbitaceae, Legumes?  We have seen lots of butterflies, Peacocks, Red Admirals, Small whites and alsorts of bees.

July:  Phew, it’s hot! Paddling pool to the fore..  We have had great fun learning about water, picking and tasting summer berries including gooseberries, strawberries, currants, raspberries… 

June:  Lovely sunshine! Pear blossom is over replaced by tiny pears. Peony flowers are opening to display beautiful pink petals, layer upon layer.  Potatoes are sprouting.  We were playing in the meadow and saw lots of wild flowers.  Buttercups, daisies, waving grasses.

May:  Lovely sunshine!  Pear blossom is out, leaves are suddenly covering the Beech trees, Peonies have grown about 50cm in 3 weeks.

April:  We have been watching our frogspawn.  The tadpoles have grown from tiny black dots in the frog spawn.  They are now very wriggly with swishy tails and sharp teeth.  We are watching for leaves to come on the trees, they are late this year.

March:  It’s very exciting Spring is almost here and our first session will be soon underway.

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