Harvesting with a combine – an exact science (Farm Visits)

Farm Visits  Over the last year we have been privileged to visit a farm in the different seasons.

 Harvesting with a combine – an exact science

 “What a fantastic visit.” “Amazing” “perfect” “what a journey” so relaxing” “How does that happen?” are just some of the words used to describe the combine harvester ride.  Daniel remembers every detail.  His account (I scribed)

“We undid our seat belts and got out of the car to talk to farmer. The combine harvester was a “LOT OF FUN”. All that wheat was taken into the tractor. Tractor and trailer went into the barn. We stood in front of the table and the tractor tipped the grain out. Then the tractor went out again and the pusher came in.”  Daniel (age 3)

We had a great tractor ride followed by a ride in the combine harvester. The combine ride is very relaxing, almost floating over the wheat field (compared notes with driver – he wasn’t so relaxed). We followed the path of the wheat, as it moved from the field to filling the grain box, moving into the trailer and finally being tipped into the grain store.

Both before and during the visit the importance of moisture became very apparent.

  • Rain= no harvesting so we had to wait until the weather was right.
  • Moisture levels in the grain affect storage. We saw how both a vented floor and augers turning the grain in the store ameliorated the effect.

We were given a sample of wheat to bring home. So far we have…

  • been playing with the wheat, it was driven over by the combine then cut up for straw for the stables.
  • made a grain store. Daniel is having great fun using his tipper truck to dump the wheat and tractor with pusher to push it into the store.
  • milled the flour and are going to make pizza with it.
  • drawn a map of the combine’s journey including tractor stops, trailer path, gates and hedges.
  • realized the significance of the weather on the farmers work.

We tried to press the rape seed but no luck – so we are just pushing it around with tractors and diggers etc.

Combine harvester journeyMap of combine journey

Daniel drew a very accurate map of the combine ride – this is how he described it as he drew it.


Yellow: where the combine went (the path of the combine harvester)

Blue dots: – where the tractor stopped (transfer of grain to trailer).

Red: is the hedge and gate in the corner of the field.

Black: is the trailer journey

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