Jumpers (3-4 years)

Jumpers will arouse your child’s natural curiosity and offer creative ways to practice emerging skills through fun filled exploration of the natural world.  Physical activity will be combined with imaginative play where children will construct stories.  Listening skills and body awareness grow as your child explores our playscapes, creates roles and predicts outcomes.

checking the target

“the more they looked, they more they saw”

Natural Play designed to encourage exploration, discovery and stimulate senses whilst learning. All natural play classes last 30 minutes and are taught to child-carer pairs in small groups.

Please contact Alexandra to arrange to come for a Trial Session, there is no requirement to sign up to classes, just come along, join in and see what we do…

The usual cost is £25 per course or £6 per session payable at the start of each course (see Course Dates)

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