“Since attending natural explorers a whole new world of entertainment has opened up for us. Caitlin and I now regularly stop to look, touch and smell plants. We can’t come in the front door without a pause at our ‘spiky tree’ which previously held no interest for either of us. The ideas are simple but not something I had really thought of doing with Caitlin before. We recently visited a national trust garden and using our new found outdoor confidence happily discussed the rhubarb plants that we had seen last week in class as well as feeling the squishy blue plants and running over to the daffodils to see what they were like. It made the visit much more enjoyable for all of us than the usual ‘boring’ walk around.” 

“Natural explorers was good fun and really had opened our eyes to making the most of all the things growing around us.”  


“As a parent who is not a very ‘outdoorsy’ person, Natural Explorers was a great opportunity for me and my daughter to have fun and learn together outside. It has inspired me to get outside more often now even when it’s raining! ” 


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