Walking the Land (Farm Visits)

Farm Visits   Over the last year we have been privileged to visit a farm in the different seasons.

Walking the land

What a diverse place a farm is. As we walked past hedgerows blackbird, sparrows, chirped with excitement. The ground below us home to a myriad of insects. A kestrel hovered overhead, what had he seen running through the field? We entered a field, footpath running through the middle of the crop, towering maize meant for a while we were in a tunnel, a river of green running either side. The coarse leaves veined and ridged, the stalks straight rocking slightly in the breeze. The path took us to the farmyard where a tractor beckoned. We drove to the other side of the farm past curious cows, pushing their noses into our bags, to a field of waving grass.

“Looked at the back and saw the trailer I could see Mummy, but not the bales of the hay. Farmer drove the steering wheel because I was not allowed.”  Daniel (age 3)

The children ran off, disappearing into the grass making hiding a breeze and, seeking not for the faint hearted.

At home the visit sparked an interest in tractors and trailers. Besides using the ones we had we made ones from:

  • Duplo
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Lego
  • And even made a trailer for our trike
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