Winter walks

Happy New Year

Take a walk in the cold, maybe crisp, maybe damp air this winter.

Here’s one I took with family over the holidays.  Christmas morning – blue sky, sunshine perfect for a little perambulation.  A step outside into crisp, sharp air, breathe deeply and we are off across the field.  At first walking is the main preoccupation and then some bright rose hips folowed by haws, capture my eye – enough to forage??? No, lots of birds tweeting maybe I should leave them.


The frost has touched everything and sparkles abound. There is ice everywhere even the canal has frozen over, seagulls skating madly.  A squirrel scampers up a tree, stops nibbles on a nut then scampers off.

Returning home the sun catches the trees highlighting the lichen, the red tones of the bark on the branches and a spectacularly split tree trunk.


So go on……. Get your wellies on….  What will you find??

Ripe haws

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